Two rubbing walls

462cm x 390cm x 230cm
sand paper

The artist began smoothing down two walls with sandpaper. The plaster residue and the form of the hand marked on the sandpaper is an investigation of becoming. By concentrating on the repetitive process, different kinds of abstracted figures begin to emerge. Uneven and rugged wall become flattened, paradoxically, forming a new topology on the surface of the sandpaper. These papers are placed back onto the wall that it fully flattened, not to cover or utilize, but simply to defer its surface.

When using sandpaper as it is designed to be used, the thing that needed sanding becomes complete, while the sandpaper no longer becomes useful. It can then be said that the arrival of meaning for the sandpaper is to be useless, and for the sandpaper to be useful, something else needed to become complete. Through this short thought experiment, the meaningful experience is not inherent to the object but is always in flux.