Echoes of Distancelessness



When I woke up after the long long sleep, I felt the force of gravity. It pulled me down so hard that I began to roll all over the place. The end of the long journey, I slowed down and finally stopped in the vast flatland. I can not remember how many times the sun and the moon had passed over my body. One deep dark night, I found out that there was something vaguely familiar in front of me which took hold of me. I called it my lover and whispered thousand stories every night. We built a community on top of our solitariness.

Me and my lover were staring at each other and moving to touch the other’s skin until the distanceless swallowed both of us. We imitated the other's movement in the nearness because we were too afraid of losing the lover's movement forever.

When we followed the gestures, the mirrored movement became endless echoes of the previous movement. We created ceaseless echoes as much as the echoes of the time. It was a shadowing dance which did not have any distance and time. We were going beyond the echoes. We were going beyond the boundary of time until the mirror bounced us.

In the dimness, relief surged through me when we collapsed each other.


“It's an act of faith.”

The warm voice touched me. I plunged. We imbued the other liks twins in mother’s belly. We could not see each other clearly due to the nearness and darkness. Everything was equally near and equally far in the obscurity. I felt relaxed through the blindness. No one could stare us so we could share the vision in the darkness and distancelessness.

Through our vision, we carved our movements on the flowing sand.
Everything we built was erased and forgotten before the completion of its formation. The perfect forms were gone and the only thing left was the deficiency and inadequacy of us.

We were wandering the edge of somewhere not yet ignited. It was an wilderness between rhythm and silence, fever and lethargy, blindness and vulnerability, fire and ashes. We were sinked, levitated, swept away, squashed, bursted, burned and melted away each other. Our voice and movement drifted and, often, stoped to be reflected.

When the deficiency saturated my orphaned heart I cried like melted bubble and longed for my lover. When we attached again, I called us home. 

Mirror reflected us and made us infinit. 

Time shifted away like sand.



I saw a ray of light which soaked into the dimness.  
We were looking each other in the distance through the frosty surface of the reflection.
The distance between me and my lover told me that,

our asylum was over.

The light was recalling me onto the surface. 
On the surface, all I touched turns into being visually.

I drowned without voice.


I close my eyes and plunge into deep inside of myself until I feel no more distance from myself.

There is no more images and visions.

Nothingness imbues me.


I have been missing my sand, mirror, and my lover.